Are you planning on spending a long weekend away this bank holiday? If so you are probably preoccupied with completing your pre-holiday checklist; asking the neighbour to water your plants and locking the doors and windows – this seems to go without saying. Well what about cleaning up your email inbox, as well as installing software updates on your devices?

You would not leave a door unlocked or a window wide open, so why is protecting your information any different? Here are five top-tips for Cyber Security which should definitely feature on your pre-holiday checklist:

1) Install software updates on your computer, mobile and tablet devices to protect yourself from the latest threats and vulnerabilities – this is especially important if you are planning on using your devices abroad. It doesn’t matter whether you are an Apple, Android or BlackBerry user, updating your software is quick and easy; better to be safe than sorry!

2) One amazing thing which smartphones allow us to do is access (and spend) money at the touch of a button, but if you are planning on using an online banking app while away, you will want to make sure you are using it securely. Only share or enter private details when using known secure wireless networks that you trust and not open wireless networks found in many public places – you did not order a side of identity theft with your Sangria!

3) A quick and effective way to protect your information is to clean up your email inbox. Yes, it’s that simple – delete any old emails which may contain any personal or otherwise sensitive information. It will save you hassle if your email account is hacked and give you peace of mind.

4) Create strong passwords using a mixture of letters in a range of lowercase and capital letters, numbers and special characters – this is Sm4rT&C!eVeR.

5) No matter whether you’re splashing out on a new holiday wardrobe, or buying travel insurance online, always ensure you are shopping on safe online websites; do this by ensuring the payment page on the site is secure by checking that the web address starts with https:// – the “s” stands for secure. It will be a sound investment!

Add these to your pre-holiday checklist and have added peace of mind. Just like how you would not leave the house without checking the locks and setting the alarm, make sure your personal information is securely locked away in cyberspace; and now, all that is left to do is enjoy the bank holiday!