Welcome to the Virtual Cyber Academy

“Bringing Online Training and Executive Mentoring to You”

Virtual Executive Mentoring

Confidential one-to-one mentoring with an expert and experienced Executive Mentor to meet your needs. Includes:
Executive Mentoring for Board members and Non-Executive Directors
Executive Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) Mentoring
Executive Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Mentoring
Mentoring for key Cyber and Information Assurance roles

Available Courses

Templar Executives Virtual Cyber Academy offers a world class portfolio of bespoke and NCSC Certified Cyber Security training, education courses and e-learning.

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Some of our most popular courses include:


Cyber Security Awareness
GDPR Awareness
Network and Information Systems Directive/Regulation (NISD/NISR)
Cyber Security Awareness for the Maritime Industry
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
*Further tailored e-learning courses are available on request

Trainer-Led via Video Conferencing

Cyber Security Training for Boards
Senior Information Risk Owner Training
Information Asset Owner Training
Cyber Security Awareness
GDPR/DPA 2018 in Practice
Cyber Security: Introduction to NIST
Insider Threat incl. Social Media
Cyber Security for Non-Executive Directors
Personal Cyber Security and Remote Working
Cyber Security for Procurement and Supply Chain
Cyber Security for Finance and Commercial
Cyber Security for HR
Cyber Security for Managers
Online Coaching and Mentoring

Why learn with our Virtual Cyber Academy?

At Templar Executives we understand that online learning is different to face to face classes. This requires thoughtful design to fully grasp the advantages that the flexibility and accessibility of e-learning and online courses offer.  That is why we make the experience relevant and engaging, so you have a good learning experience wherever you may be working.

Relevant – Our expert trainers marry both experience and knowledge to ensure our course are addressing today’s problems and emerging issues.  Making it relevant to you is the most influential aspect of engaging and motivating in online learning.  Many of our courses are certified by NCSC which is a mark of relevance and quality.

Engaging – Our courses are designed with engagement in mind.  This means setting a relaxed and personable environment where you feel free to discuss and question.  We employ a number of engaging activities:

  • Interactive tasks and enquiry;
  • Quizzes, polls and puzzles;
  • Audio and video;
  • Guest speakers when possible;
  • Discussing trends and emerging issues.

How long are the Courses?

Our courses range from 30 minutes to 6 hours of learning.  We have modular courses to maintain engagement and flexible delivery. For example, our Senior Information Risk Owners course is 6 hours run as two three-hour sessions of online instructor led activity.  This is followed by an option of further mentoring over a six-month period if desired.  We are currently working on a number of bite size courses so that they can be accessed when there is time and when needed.

Online Learning Platforms

Our flexible approach is suited to Microsoft Teams and a number of other online environments.  Please get in touch if you have any specific questions at enquiries@templarexecs.com