UK company Templar Executives Ltd partner with Cyber Security Integrators (India) Pvt Ltd to provide world class online and specialised Cyber Security Training and advisory services to Indian corporates and Government agencies in one of the first ‘Cyber Value Exchange’ initiatives between UK and India.

  • The online program can be used to train over 100,000 corporate executives in 3 years;
  • UK experts will conduct specialised training to Cyber security professionals and law enforcement agencies of various Indian states through customised workshops;
  • Templar will provide advisory services based on international best practice and UK experiences to support maturity of cyber security strategies, governance and risk management.

“Chancellor George Osborne and Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley have reached a number of agreements following the eighth UK-India EFD”

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Andrew Fitzmaurice, CEO, Templar Executives -“Templar Executives is delighted to announce our partnership with Cyber Security Integrators (India) Pvt Ltd. This was born out of the first ever UKTI Cyber Security Trade Mission to India last October, sponsored by our two governments, and highlighting the importance of co-operation in this crucial area”.

Anu Khurmi, Director, Templar Executives– “We know that India is looking at an ambitious Cyber Security upskilling and training programme. We expect our ‘Cyber Value Exchange’ initiative with CSI to be a real enabler in realising the aims of the Digital India programme”.

Babu Lal Jain, Chairman and Founder Director, CSI India– “Cyber Security is a global market estimated to grow over $140Bn by 2020. It is international partnerships and collaboration like this that will help us address the threat and realise the huge opportunities”.

Kishore Kar, CBO, CSI India– “India needs a million trained Cyber security professionals. We are happy to participate in this capacity building process, by bringing great expertise and training content to Indian industries, through our partnership with Templar”.

Templar’s ‘Cyber Value Exchange’ initiative with CSI India was announced yesterday by UK Chancellor, George Osbourne, following talks in London with Indian Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, as part of the eighth UK-India Economic Financial Dialogue (EFD).