Adrian Leppard – Joins Templar Executives and shares some insights on the Platinum Service

We are delighted to announce that Adrian Leppard, who was Commissioner of Police for the City of London and awarded the Queen’s Police Medal in 2012, joins Templar Executives as a Director.

In his role as Commissioner of Police, Adrian headed up the country’s lead force in economic crime including Fraud and Cyber. A key part of Adrian’s new role will be a focus on Templar’s Platinum Service. Here, Adrian shares some of his thoughts on why it is so important to lead on this from the Board level.

“As I left the City of London Police with its national lead role for fraud and cyber I felt there was more to do to help combat the enduring cyber threat that is challenging society. Individuals and corporates are increasingly realising their vulnerability and governments are struggling to respond using traditional means.  It is vital therefore for businesses to take steps to protect themselves. How to do that is less about technology and more about helping each part of a business to understand the threat and what steps to take to provide better information security.  In other words, an information maturity approach.

I joined Templar as I felt I could continue my mission of helping to protect society and their approach and products are aligned with my personal views which are focussed on building an enterprise Strategic approach to dealing with the cyber risk.

“The Templar Platinum Service in particular focuses on supporting the most senior leadership in an organisation and it is an area where I feel I can add value.  This approach is driven from the business realisation that it is the Board’s responsibility to drive forward an effective enterprise approach; this will only flourish with positive leadership, a coherent strategy and proactive information governance.”

We have built a team of sector specific experts who have all operated at Board level. They understand the competing strategic challenges that senior executives are wrestling with on a daily basis and can provide peer support in helping to shape the strategic approach that is relevant and proportionate to the business need.