Staring at our stomachs at the end of a long string of Christmas and Holiday dinners, New Year’s parties and various family gatherings my best friend and I decided that a change was needed, our New Year’s resolution: to be able to fit into trousers that we wore when we were twenty.

The chances of success for this plan, unlike us, are slim.

This is the problem with a lot of New Year’s resolutions, they’re not always achievable and a lot of the time they don’t make a massive impact on your day to day life. For example, neither of us are morbidly obese and our fashion sense when we were twenty is something we would rather forget.

However there are some New Year’s resolutions that can really make a difference to your life and more to the point are easy to follow! In a world where 64% of us are more worried about our online privacy than we were 12 months ago, and of those 23,000 people surveyed

[1] 43% are taking greater steps now compared to this time last year to avoid websites and software that might put their information at risk, as attacks from cyberspace are evidently a constant worry (77% of those surveyed are concerned about someone hacking into their online accounts and stealing personal information), identity theft is sadly a common occurrence and businesses and organisations are regularly losing large amounts of money and suffering reputational damage from Cyber breaches. Making some New Year’s Cyber Resolutions could make a great deal of difference to your security and wellbeing in 2015.

So, what are the top five Cyber Resolutions that you should be making?  Here are some suggestions:

  1. I will be more careful of what I put online and make sure that I don’t write anything about work or anything I wouldn’t want anyone to be able to see online (28% of people surveyed now self-censor what they say online).
  2. I will remove all those ‘friends’ I don’t really know from Facebook and delete the connections I no longer deal with on LinkedIn (Facebook itself admits that over 11% of its accounts are fake profiles).
  3. I won’t send any business-related information to my home email account.
  4. I will stop using public Wi-Fi networks on all devices I have.
  5. I will make sure I clear my desk of any business or sensitive information at the end of every day.

By following these five simple steps you make a strong start in becoming more Cyber safe in the New Year and, unlike my forgotten trousers, you should find them a good fit to your normal life.

[1] The Centre for International Governance Innovation-Ipsos Global Survey on Internet Security and Trust, Nov 2014,