Templar Executives deliver a unique combination of holistic, expert and comprehensive Cyber Security services. In August, the firm were awarded among the winners of Acquisition International’s esteemed 2018 Global Excellence Awards as the Most Innovative Cyber Security Firm in the UK. Here, Andrew Fitzmaurice CEO of Templar Executives, shares his thoughts on this new era of innovation.

The age of Digitalisation is an era of innovation as organisations look to reengineer their products and services and develop new ways of working with technology. However, whilst providing breakthrough improvements in efficiency, increased automation and cost reduction, digital evolution also raises the issue of how organisations and governments deal with the growing cyber threats. Understanding how to put a value on information assets and providing resilient services, whilst respecting privacy, is essential in a data driven, interconnected world. Adopting a proactive and intelligent approach to identifying and safeguarding business critical information assets, managing risks and enabling a Cyber Security aware workforce should be a basic activity for every organisation.

Templar Executives has long advocated making Cyber Security ‘business as usual’ within an organisation, predicated with the right governance and culture as key to business success. Ensuring there is no unnecessary cost or burden associated with implementing Cyber Security requires finding the right balance between control, risk and enablement. The expertise to navigate this fine line is critical and we see the same challenge across industry time and time again – leaders from different sectors grappling with how to best embrace responsibility for their organisation’s cyber agenda – and more worrying still, questioning if this is something they should even have oversight of. As with any other business imperative, seeking the right expert advice and guidance in this area is crucial to making informed investment decisions. De-mystifying the jargon and articulating the evolving challenge in the context of the business will determine what constitutes a proportionate and proactive response and can be the difference between the failure of a business or its survival and ongoing success.

Templar Executives has a proven international track record of working within different industry sectors and helping governments and commercial organisations to develop their cyber maturity. Addressed properly, Cyber Security should be not only be a business enabler, but a market differentiator, and many of our clients are realising the resultant benefits from a financial, reputational and regulatory compliance perspective. However, the cyber landscape is evolving exponentially and needs us all to stay on top of our game through new and innovative approaches and initiatives. Over the years Templar Executives has been privileged to lead and be part of many of these ground-breaking industry sector initiatives and approaches – two of which are highlighted below:

Announcing the Launch of the International Maritime Cyber Centre of Excellence
Shipping is a global industry and the future of the Maritime sector is based on automation and digitalisation, a transformation which is happening at pace. The benefits of the increasing use of technology are considerable to the industry but come with the need for effective Cyber Security throughout the ecosystem. The international Maritime Organisation (IMO), the world’s primary regulator for the Sector, has also recognised this threat and given shipowners until 2021 to incorporate Cyber Risk Management into ship safety.
Templar Executives, in an industry leading initiative with Wärtsilä, has established the international Maritime Cyber Security Centre of Excellence in Singapore. The Centre brings together innovation and collaboration through the establishment of the Maritime Cyber Response Team (MCERT) and the Templar Cyber Academy for Maritime (T-CAM). The MCERT provides international intelligence feeds, advice, support and real-time incident response assistance to members on critical Cyber Security threats. The T-CAM offers world-class training on best practices to help raise the collective cyber maturity of the Maritime sector. The capabilities provided by the Centre are a call to the entire Maritime sector to engage and help raise the bar when it comes to the evolving cyber agenda.

For information on becoming an MCERT member or joining the Advisory Board, please contact: info@maritimecert.org or phone: +44 (0) 800 689 4523.

or visit: www.maritimecert.org.

Creating Cultural Transformation in the Healthcare Sector

The challenge for the Healthcare sector has always been how to deliver the best patient care and outcomes – and key to enabling this is digital innovation.
However, with greater digital innovation come increased cyber risks. The Healthcare sector has a treasure trove of highly sensitive data. This includes the medical records of patients which are far more valuable than financial information, making the sector a particularly attractive target for cyber criminals. Over the past five years, the size and growing number of breaches only serves to highlight that effective Cyber Security must be a priority for Boards and healthcare professionals alike.
Templar Executives is supporting the cultural transformation of the Healthcare sector when it comes to the cyber agenda. Our expertise in Board-level strategy and governance puts the cyber context right at the heart of the conflicting and multiple priorities for Healthcare leaders and practitioners. By creating awareness of how best practice in Cyber Security can enable the confidentiality, integrity and availability of trusted data sets across the ecosystem, Boards and healthcare professionals will be able to better to realise the right patient outcomes.
For more information please contact: enquiries@templarexecs.com, or phone: +44 (0)844 443 6243.