What are you doing about Cyber Security?

All segments of the SME sector recognise the importance of Cyber Security, however it is not in the top 5 business priorities for organisations.

[1]  Poor Cyber Security is famous for damaging reputation and affecting revenue.  Although organisations are more aware of the importance of Cyber Security, they aren’t actively pursuing opportunities to improve their Cyber Security in house.  A recent PWC survey found the two main barriers to healthy Cyber Security within an organisation are:

  • It’s too expensive;
  • There appears to be no obvious financial incentives to invest.[2]

Enter BIS Cyber Security Innovation Vouchers.

Are you worried about the cost?

Don’t be! The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills through its Technology Strategy Board has made available ‘Cyber Security innovation vouchers’ worth £5K to help SMEs become more cyber secure. SMEs can gain a unique selling point through demonstrating that they are cyber secure and increase value for customers and partners. By protecting their valuable knowledge and Intellectual Property SMEs will be able to continue to innovate and grow.

Don’t miss out, apply now!! The vouchers are giving any UK SME the opportunity to bring in external expertise to provide support from developing an effective cyber security strategy to undertaking a ‘cyber audit’ of existing processes to help identify how to strengthen processes and improve performance.

Small businesses can leverage this unique opportunity by applying for the Cyber Security innovation vouchers. Templar Executives can provide a range of services including a tailored Cyber Security Strategy, a cyber-security audit with a roadmap of actions to help strengthen reputation and gain a competitive edge or Cyber Security Advisory services

Why us?

We have extensive experience of solving business related Cyber Security issues with FTSE 100 companies and Government departments.  We will address your Cyber Security concerns with a bespoke solution that complements your business and gives you a competitive advantage.

[1] Nominet Cyber Assist, Cyber Security Support for UK Small Businesses, 2013

[2] PWC UK Cyber Security Standards Research Report, November 2013