It’s that time of year when the holiday season means travel is in the air. As you busily finalise those last minute details and run through that essential holiday check list, take a pause, reflect for a moment, and think Cyber.

In 2014, the UK was the most Cyber attacked country in Europe1 and it is no surprise that travelling overseas presents just as many Cyber threat issues to safeguard against. When it comes to ensuring the security of your personal information, many of the dos and don’ts remain the same from a foreign and domestic perspective. Regardless of which country you are in, using unsecured public Wi-Fi is never a great idea. However, travelling overseas does raise some key issues of its own which give us the opportunity to practice that extra level of vigilance.

In order to prepare yourself for a safe and enjoyable trip, think about all those holiday disaster stories, which you never think will happen to you. Losing your laptop, having your bank cards compromised or your personal information made public, could turn your life upside down. These are just some obvious examples to guard against.

Take the time to remind yourself of the simple steps you can take to protect yourself whilst enjoying your well-deserved break by looking at Templar Executives’ Top 5 Pre-Holiday Cyber checks:

  1. Check Foreign & Commonwealth Office advice on the region you are travelling to so that you understand the risks and local threats and any recent local scams;
  2. Always take the minimum number of assets required. How many credit cards are essential and do you really need that laptop and mobile phone?
  3. If you have to take your laptop with you (it is your holiday and you shouldn’t be working!) make sure that you do not hold any sensitive data on it and refrain from posting holiday location information or photos until you return home;
  4. Before travelling to a new holiday destination ensure you are aware of any local data privacy policies or computer misuse laws so you do not inadvertently find yourself on the wrong side of the law;
  5. To ensure that you do not find yourself the victim of the growing threat of ‘brush by’, contactless payment card theft, keep your cards in a metal foil lined wallet or an RFID sleeve3 to thwart any attempts of your bank details being stolen.

It is important that your holiday is enjoyable and relaxing, after all you’ve worked hard for it. By following these simple steps you will go a long way into ensuring a stress free and happy holiday.


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3RFID sleeves (Radio Frequency IDentification) can be bought for less than £5 and block contactless cards from being accessed without permission