Why Should My Organisation Be Aware Of The GDPR?

On the 25th May 2018, the EU GDPR came into force. This significant legislation, described by some as the “biggest single shake up of data legislation in the last 25 years,” has wide reaching impacts for all organisations who collect, manage, process and store personally identifiable and personal sensitive data for EU citizens – anywhere in the world . 

Our NCSC Certified e-Learning course offers organisations an accessible and comprehensive method of raising GDPR awareness across all users of the business quickly.



What will delegates learn from this e-Learning?

This course covers topics such as the requirements of data protection laws, the responsibilities of individuals and organisations, and the potential consequences of a breach. Users will be provided with multiple choice and scenario based questions to embed learning and provoke discussions.

It is essential that employees throughout the organisation have an awareness of this fundamental data protection legislation. This course will cover the key principles and concepts of the GDPR, summarise key roles and responsibilities, compliance measures and consequences whilst also introducing key steps and guidance for both individuals and organisations.

e-Learning Assessment

Complete the topics on the course to access the assessment which will test learners’ knowledge requiring a pass mark of 80%.

GDPR Topics Covered:

  • Changes in Data Protection Legislation;
  • Overview of the GDPR;
  • GDPR Key Principles;
  • Consent;
  • Data Subject Rights;
  • Controllers and Processors;
  • Data Protection Officers;
  • Breach Consequences.

This e-Learning Course Offers:

  • Simple to use navigation of the e-Learning course;
  • Bookmarking of content for users;
  • Help and Glossary section for support;
  • Customisable corporate branding;
  • Bespoke Speedbriefs tailored to client;
  • Interactive and scenario-based questions throughout the course;
  • Ten Top Tips for best practice GDPR compliance for organisations;
  • Ten Top Tips for best practice GDPR compliance for individuals;
  • Personalised NCSC Certificate of Completion.



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