The Island’s recent cyber security conference, CYBERISLE 2019, hosted locally by the Office of Cyber Security & Information Assurance (OCSIA), attracted hundreds of delegates and highlighted the cyber threat is of increasing importance and relevance to all. Indeed, Dr Alex Allinson MHK, Member of the Cabinet Office, concluded, “cyber security is now firmly on the national agenda for the Isle of Man”1. The OCSIA’s Cyber Survey 2019 shows that 91% of people on the island have received a fraudulent email and 20% have had an online account compromised2. It is in the interest of all stakeholders on the island, including Government, employees, consumers and suppliers that the island’s vital industries are resilient by upskilling employees and embedding a cyber aware culture.

The Island’s tax economy has created a prosperous wealth management and financial services industry. Maintaining security and stability across all sectors is important for the island to maintain and strengthen its position in a world where cyber threats are becoming ever more complex and sophisticated. In recognition of this, the island has set up its own dedicated Cyber Security team establishing the OCSIA in 2017. Published in May 2018, the island’s cyber security strategy, sets out four key principles:

  1. Committed leadership by Government to achieve resilience
  2. Support for Critical National Infrastructure
  3. Collaboration with business to achieve prosperity
  4. Everyone playing a part in a progressive society

CYBERISLE recognised and reflected on the importance of building cyber resilience for the Isle of Man. Attendees from the private, third and public sectors were provided with real life examples of the cyber threats individuals and organisations regularly face. There were outstanding keynotes and panel debates, including representatives from the OCSIA, the NCSC, Manx Telecom and Templar Executives’ CEO, Andrew Fitzmaurice, who delivered a keynote on the Threat landscape. The positive feedback and ongoing contributions highlight the importance and success of this inaugural event.

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