This week, the UK Government has launched a new campaign aimed at transforming the way the public protect themselves from becoming a victim of Cyber Crime.

The campaign, labelled the ‘Cyber Streetwise; campaign aims to change the way individuals and businesses conduct themselves online, providing them with the skills and knowledge needed to have good Cyber Security online.

The launch of the campaign is part of the government’s National Cyber Security Programme and comes at a time when an increasing number of people use the web on laptops, tablets and smartphones.

With more than 11 million internet-enabled devices received as gifts during the Christmas period the need for the public to gain basic Cyber Security knowledge is vital. Statistics from a Norton Cyber Security report

[1] in October 2013, highlight that mobile device users are not taking security seriously when using these devices. 54% of individuals using a mobile device accessed their emails on them through an unsecured wireless connection, with 29% using unsecure connections to access their bank accounts. These stats highlight the lack of general awareness across the UK on how using unsecure connections to access these types of information can leave individuals susceptible to an attack.

To find out the simple steps you can to protect yourself online, check out our other blogs or alternatively attend one of our one day Cyber Awareness course which have been accredited by the BCS.