Risk Management

Are You Marking Your Own Homework?

As the level of inter-connectivity within organisations increases, it is essential that Boards pay attention to security.  The complex and rapidly evolving nature of Cyber Security is becoming a topic that Boards and executives can no longer ignore. Top level buy-in across the board is essential to ensure a Cyber Security strategy is a success. 

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Does your Board have a NED Cyber Champion?

This week, Templar held our first ever Cyber Security event for Non- Executive Directors. The event held in Whitehall aimed to join Non-executive Directors together from a conglomerate of organisations to discuss the ever evolving Cyber threat and how they can help get Cyber Security on the Board agenda. Templar was joined by two excellent

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“Connect with Respect”, Safer Internet Day 2013

This week, on the 5th of February the world celebrated Safer Internet Day (SID 2013) and this was the 10th year the event has been run. Safer Internet Day promotes safer and more responsible use of internet and mobile phones and specifically targets children and young adults. Templar Executives teamed up with Cyber Champions to

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