Protecting your key assets

Business Continuity: are you ready for your breach?

May is Scam Awareness Month and we have been doing our best to promote best practice when operating online. Last week, our blog looked at what individuals can do to protect themselves online and the common scam methods hackers use. Understanding the attack methods and technologies used by hackers is crucial for organisations and individuals

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Is it time to rethink how much you share?

In the UK 32,175,460 individuals have an active Facebook account [1]. 500m hours are spent on Facebook every month, with each user spending on average 22minutes per visit [2]. An average Facebook user has 100+ likes associated with their profile, with that number varying depending on age; 20 year olds can have up to 300+,

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Hackers: “Thank You”

‘It takes a hacker an average of 10 minutes to crack a lower case password of six characters. Add two more letters and make some letters uppercase and that time frame jumps to three years. Add in one more number, some letters and symbols and it will take a hacker 44,530 years to crack your

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Phishing Expedition Anyone?

What would you like to catch? Log in information, passwords, commercially sensitive organisation information? Keeping up to date with friends and family, following new trends, or sharing pictures is what most people use social media for. Criminals, however, use social networking sites to glean information to create more tailored attacks on individuals (data they aggregate

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