Security Assessment Culture

Templar Executives’ online Security Culture Survey enables organisations to measure their security culture, with an accurate and in-depth analysis to identify and tailor strategic interventions for continuous improvement.

Based on the Information Assurance Maturity Model, Templar Executives’ analysis uses the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure’s (CPNI) Security Culture Review and Evaluation (SeCuRE 3) questionnaire, enhanced with a series of questions from Templar Executives that allows benchmarking against scores of others for informed positioning and comparison.

Templar Advisory Communications Team

The Templar Advisory Communications Team will work closely with your organisation to develop strategic direction for Cyber Security Communications across your organisation. This will include developing Communications Plans and Campaigns to enhance your Cyber Security culture. Our holistic approach encompasses people, processes, policies, culture and ICT.

It is essential this is driven from the top, and that all levels of the business are engaged to raise Cyber Security awareness to foster positive attitudes and behaviours towards protecting and exploiting information. This includes understanding individual roles, responsibilities and accountabilities both within the organisation and for all stakeholders.


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