Health Checks & Audits

Templar Executives’ Audit and Cyber Health Check provides organisations with a holistic view of their information security, including vulnerabilities linked to governance, culture and people as well as IT.

This rigorous 360 degree evaluation also includes a view of an organisation’s external brand profile. Our Cyber Health Check assesses businesses’ current weaknesses and delivers a roadmap to strengthen and protect your organisation against current threats.

Once we have identified any vulnerabilities or risks to your information, Templar Executives can assist you in implementing the training and controls required, enabling your organisation to effectively manage and exploit the information that is critical to the business.

Business Continuity Testing

The majority of organisations have some sort of business continuity plan. Indeed many will have planned for the loss of power, a plan for how their IT systems will continue to run if a server is down or will have continuity measures in place if the organisation was to experience a natural disaster.

Once organisations take care of their business continuity plans for established and long-standing threats, it is easy for businesses to become complacent and to take their eye off of the real life threats that they face on a daily basis.  

So what constitutes a modern day crisis?  We’ve seen it a lot in the press recently, with alarming and accelerating frequency.  Could a cyber attack happen to your organisation?  And what would happen if it did?


Crisis Management Exercises

‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.’ Without proper planning in place a large attack could destroy you reputation or the organisation itself. Our bespoke crisis exercise incorporates the planning and/or testing strategies or Crisis Management.

It is aimed at individuals involved in managing an escalating cyber or information-related crisis, from front line incident management teams (often technical) through Business Unit Senior Management to the Main Board. Depending on your requirements, external suppliers, partners and customers can also be integrated into the day.