Cyber Resilience & Mitigation

To mitigate against a Cyber breach, it’s important  that organisations build up their resilience, by being prepared for most eventualities. Putting the right mechanisms in place to identify, manage and test vulnerabilities will ensure holistic layers of protection are in place to protect organisations from attacks.

Culture Transformation

Setting the right culture within the business is imperative. Staff should ‘live and breathe’ an organisations policies, in order to embed a positive security culture which values and protects information. This can be achieved through effective communications which influence staff behaviours.

Our Training Courses:

  • Cyber Security for the Executive Board;
  • Cyber Security for Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) and Trustees;
  • Board-Level Training Programme for Senior Information Risk Owners (SIROs);
  • Cyber Security for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs);
  • Cyber Security for Information Asset Owners (IAOs);
  • Cyber Security: The Insider Threat including Social Media Best Practice;
  • Cyber Security Awareness;
  • Breach and Crisis Management Exercise;
  • Cyber Security: Business Information Risk Management;
  • Data Protection Act and the Government Classification Scheme;

Find Out More About Templar Executives Accredited Courses

Find Out More About Templar Courses
Find Out More About Templar Courses