Platinum Board Level Service

This cutting-edge, world-class business service is tailor made for senior Executives and Boards of organisations from all sectors to optimise the ability of their organisations to address the complexity of the holistic cyber security environment. It comprises a large range interventions designed to support the organisation’s Cyber agenda needs.

We are delighted to announce that Adrian Leppard, who in his previous role as Police Commissioner for the City of London headed up the country’s lead force in economic crime including Fraud and Cyber, has joined the Templar team specifically to help lead on this premier and unique Board level service.

Templar Assure & Advise

Effective Cyber Security requires taking a holistic approach encompassing people, process, culture  as well as Information Technology. Templar Executives offer our clients a holistic portfolio of complementary services and solutions that can be tailored to your specific organisational needs. These range from providing strategic advisory services, identifying gaps and developing Cyber strategies for business transformation.

Our comprehensive offerings include: Cyber Security health checks and audits; business continuity and crisis management; scenario and system testing; organisational culture assessments; development of communications campaigns; engagements enabling Cyber maturity and compliance against industry security standards and frameworks.


Templar Cyber Academy

The Templar Cyber Academy offers a world-class portfolio of engaging and leading-edge learning and development courses from the Boardroom to all levels across an organisation. Our quality training is recognised through the unique certifications and accreditations we have been awarded by CESG, the IISP and BCS.

Our open courses and bespoke learning programmes provide a safe and stimulating forum to discuss key issues and challenges, equipping delegates with key knowledge and best practice, and opportunities to apply learning through real-world case studies.


Templar Cyber Risk Assurance

Templar Executives’ Cyber Risk Assurance Division helps businesses define and measure the information risks they face, to ensure that risks that are underwritten by clients’ own insurers are accurate and cost effective. Working in partnership with insurance underwriters, Templar is able to facilitate insurance product offerings to clients tailored to their requirements. Our assessment tool provides a comprehensive information risk evaluation for your business.

The tool embodies regulatory and legislative requirements and provides a complete solution to audit, mitigates and insures risks against Cyber breaches which can lead to reputational damage, negative impacts to operations or to direct loss in the market value of a company.


Templar Global Services

Cyber-attack vectors are not bound by borders. Organisations need to be aware of the evolving Threat landscape as they continue to operate and grow in an increasingly interconnected world. Templar Global Services is trusted by governments and multi-national organisations and has a proven track record in delivering discreet and valued solutions to global markets improving Cyber resilience and maturity.

Our world-class portfolio includes GCHQ CESG Cyber Security certified training, advisory and assurance services. By working closely with international clients we will help you demystify Cyber Security and understand the Threat landscape to ensure that the appropriate level of governance, risk mitigation, and training are in place to protect your organisation.


Templar Security Services

In a fast changing world, the dynamics surrounding security and protection are increasingly complex. Templar Security Services offers the physical security assessment of  high value assets ranging from secure vaults to critical data centres, from mineral extraction plants to the homes of high net worth individuals. 

We understand that it is not enough to look at these requirements in physical isolation: each environment needs aspects of logical, physical and virtual security to be considered. We provide tried and tested solutions based on experience and industry best practice to deliver to your security needs.

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