Business-Level Assurance Diagnostic Engine (BLADE)

In a rapidly evolving cyber landscape, Templar BLADE is designed to enable boards and business leaders to stay ahead of the game.

Templar BLADE is a unique data mining intelligence service used by FTSE 100 and 350 companies, High Net Worth individuals and others, to obtain and review actionable intelligence from covert as well as open sources on the internet. Templar BLADE provides insights to protect, and enable, your business.

Templar BLADE constantly scans hundreds of thousands of:

  • Public web sources;
  • News publications;
  • High-calibre blogs;
  • Social media platforms;
  • Financial databases;
  • Government websites;
  • Dark web resources;
  • Memberships.

Dark web resources are used to search and analyse elements of the web not normally accessible to the commercial world, exposing  activities such as illicit trade in intellectual property and scams that can cause unprecedented harm to an organisation – often without them being aware of the exposure.

Our market-leading service helps combat this threat and provides customised data sets and valuable data mining through real-time alerts and regular reporting specific to the needs of your business. Templar BLADE has a flexible architecture that can map information simply, across networks and organisations, identifying people, brands, opinions, sentiments, products and services from across the internet.

“Templar BLADE is the accessible cutting-edge cyber intelligence service for business”

BLADE Engagements

Case Study 1: Merger & Acquisition

Utilising BLADE, we helped conduct due diligence on an M&A opportunity, saving the client £100m during purchasing negotiations.

Case Study 2: Global Software Company

BLADE has been deployed in support of a multi-national software provider. Scans were conducted on the dark net and open web and covered a range of targets including social media sites, blogs, websites and online marketplaces. Significant findings identified the dark web sale of pirated and potentially modified copies of the company’s flagship products and content that linked the company to pornographic websites.

Armed with this information, the software company has been able to take effective steps to address these risks and minimise reputational damage. We were also able to advise on the appropriate course of action to reduce the immediate risk of pirated software being found on the dark web.

How we can help respond to COVID-19 and the demand for hybrid working

COVID-19 has seen a growth in hybrid working, with employees worldwide operating from home as well as office environments. Organisations that considered themselves compliant with Cyber Security standards such as Cyber Essentials Plus have been exposed to new vulnerabilities as networks face new stress. At the same time, security agencies in jurisdictions across the globe have noted a marked increase in the activity of Cyber criminals and other threat actors.

Templar BLADE is able to remotely carry out Vulnerability Assessments of your organisation’s domain name and connected devices in the hybrid working environment. Through internet-based threat reconnaissance, the Vulnerability Assessment provides:

  • Assurance of the resilience of web domains and internet presence;
  • Identification of vulnerabilities in connected devices relating to the business, regardless of location;
  • A review of internet facing technology using the latest Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools;
  • Confirmation that related requirements for e.g. Cyber Essentials Plus are met;
  • Responses within 24 hours, worldwide.

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