In an ever increasing Threat landscape, it is essential that every organisation understands and mitigates risks, protects and exploits information and embeds a resilient Cyber Security culture.

The Strategic Advisor is an independent ‘client friend’ and trusted advisor, bringing deep specialist Cyber Security knowledge and skills, and providing access to a network of senior Board-level contacts across both the public and private sector. Driving business transformation through the application of bespoke holistic Cyber Security strategies, the Strategic Advisor will support organisations to maximise the success of business outcomes.

Through the Strategic Advisor, organisations will have access to current, leading-edge Cyber Security advice and guidance to support conscientious business decisions on a broad spectrum of Cyber and information related issues to deliver optimised performance and drive business growth.

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A Board Level Responsibility

Strategy Is A Board Level Responsibility

Templar Executives can provide that competitive strategic advantage
A Board Level Responsibility