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Our GCHQ Certified Training Courses

  • Cyber Security for Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) and Trustees
  • Cyber Security for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs)
  • Board-Level Training Programme for Senior Information Risk Owners (SIROs)
  • Cyber Security Awareness – E-Learning
  • Cyber Security for Information Asset Owners (IAOs)
  • Cyber Security Awareness
  • Cyber Security: The Insider Threat including Social Media Best Practice
  • Information Law and Cyber Security
  • Cyber Security for Audit Committees
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Templar Executives launches the SME Security Survey in partnership with the London Digital Security Centre

In 2016, small or medium-sized businesses comprised 99.9% of private sector businesses within the UK and generated a turnover of £1.8 trillion. In London alone there are 1 million SMEs. With SMEs playing such a large and integral part in the prosperity of the UK economy and being so fundamental to the supply chain, the importance of safeguarding their business in an increasingly digital world has never been more essential.

Templar Executives has teamed up with the London Digital Security Centre (LDSC) and launched a short survey to understand what SMEs are doing and what can be done to better help them protect and grow their business in this arena. If you are an SME and would like to take part in this survey, please click the following link: You will automatically be entered into the raffle upon completion of the survey.

Templar Executives will be chairing BBA’s Cyber Resilience Conference

Cyber Security Company of 2016

It is a timely reminder for delegates to join us on 10th November 2016 at the BBA’s Cyber Resilience Conference.  The conference will be chaired by Templar Executives’ CEO, Andrew Fitzmaurice, and will feature eminent subject matter experts who will discuss some of the key systemic risks facing the financial services industry.

Templar Executives celebrates our tenth anniversary and raises money for the Royal British Legion

Cyber Security Company of 2016

Templar Executives would like to thank all our contributors for their generous donations to the raffle in support of the Royal British Legion. A big thank you to  Grange City Hotel, Grange St. Paul’s Hotel, and local Victoria business’ Jamie’s Italian, M-Bou, Style & Blow Salon, T2, and Molton Brown for the prizes you donated. It was a hugely successful evening with the proceeds going to such a worthy cause.

Templar Executives Voted Best Cyber Security Company of 2016

Cyber Security Company of 2016

“For the second year running Templar Executives are delighted to be winners of the European CEO Awards for best Cyber Security company.  This industry leading recognition is a real testament to a company that, over the years, has helped bring holistic Cyber Security to the forefront of the Boardroom agenda as a key business enabler.  With a flourishing…”

Templar Executives services are now available on Government framework G-Cloud 8

The Queen’s Birthday Honours lists 2016


Templar Executives are pleased to announce that from the 1st August our services are available to Government clients via the G-Cloud 8 framework. As a preferred supplier to Government Templar are pleased to announce an additional way that Government can contract our services.

Templar Executives launch Templar Platinum Board-level Service

Cyber Platinum Board Level Service Interview

“Templar Platinum is a unique range of cyber security services providing practical support to executive management. It recognises that most organisations are taking steps to address the risk and offers a range of services specifically focussed on supporting Board executives. Templar Platinum recognises that business leaders have wide ranging responsibilities encompassing the health and prosperity of their organisation. It provides executive advisory services enabling cyber security to be placed within a manageable strategic framework.”

“Providing executive advisory services enabling cyber security to be placed within a manageable strategic framework offering reassurance in an uncertain world.”

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Why is Cyber Security So Important?

Cyber Business Enabling Stair Climb

Reputation & Competitive Advantage

An increasing number of high profile data breaches have taught us that how a company looks after their information and manages any incidents can make or break an organisation. This can be the difference between winning and losing business contracts.

Getting it right, however, has the ability to directly impact upon the business’s bottom line, as increased confidence brings increased share price and competitive advantage.


Cyber Skull Attack

Emerging Threats & Risks

Being able to navigate the ever-changing Threat landscape presents a myriad of challenges for today’s modern, technologically-savvy organisation. Identifying what could compromise your assets can range from human error to environmental factors – all the way through to serious organised crime and targeted Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) campaigns.

Building up a holistic picture of the Threat landscape will enable organisations to forecast the consequences of a potential attack and act to mitigate the associated risks.


Cyber Keyboard Global

Protecting & Exploiting Information

The average estimate of breaches cost an organisation anywhere between £75,000 to £311,000 for SMEs and £1.45-3.14 million for large organisations, there is a clear business justification to foster a culture which values and protects information.

Organisations who are able to recognise the strategic value of the information they hold, and exploit their assets, are more likely to improve their ‘value for money’ potential and see benefits such as business innovation and financial revenue.


Templar Business Divisions

Cyber Global Hands 1

Assure & Advise

We provide business enhancing Cyber Security solutions and services tailored to your specific organisation delivered through our highly skilled team of expert advisors.

Cyber Training Suit

Cyber Academy

We offer market leading learning and development courses with a unique range of accreditations from CESG (GCHQ), for all  levels of your organisation – from the Boardroom to the frontline.

Cyber Risk Management

Cyber Risk Assurance

We help you define, assess and mitigate against information risks to facilitate the right insurance solutions for your business.

Cyber Global Reach

Global Services

We operate globally and are trusted by governments and multi-national organisations to provide expert solutions and services tailored for the international market.

Cyber Global Threats

Security Services

We supply a world-class  security service for all your requirements encompassing information, people and physical security.

About Templar Executives

Cyber Templar Executives Logo

Templar Executives delivers a unique combination of holistic, expert and comprehensive Cyber Security services which provide “Timely, Relevant and Valued Delivery” to meet your business needs. Recognised globally, Templar Executives is a preferred Cyber Security supplier to UK Government, and has worked with a wide-range of private and public sector organisations.

Templar Executives enables organisations to exploit the full value of their information safely and securely to optimise business benefits.

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